James Chance grew up in the rural region of East Anglia, England. The son of two fine artists, James was quick to establish a visual career in lens-based media (he couldn't draw or paint). After studying photography at Nottingham Trent University, James moved to to the US to pursue a Master's Degree in Visual Communication at Ohio University... and stayed. 

James' photographs have featured regularly in major publications including The Times, Stern, Le Monde, Time, The Guardian and The Atlantic. His work has been recognized by Pictures of the Year International (POYi), The Lucie Foundation and Visa Pour L'Image and has been nominated for the Prix Pictet. His work as been featured at Visa Pour L'Image on three occasions, as well as additional exhibitions and screenings in the US, Europe and Asia. James' personal projects often center around the themes of health, home and personal environment and decay. 

He has traveled extensively shooting and visually directing film projects for commercial clients, nonprofit organizations and his own company, Chance Multimedia. James owns Canon and Sony systems and a Movi gimbal. 

Chance Multimedia was founded in 2009. Now with a full-time staff, the company continues to produce highly visual storytelling projects in the US and abroad.




My working style is based around the strong relationships I share with my subjects. I see these relationships as the most important part of my work, as without a mutual trust and understanding, it is impossible to reveal the real truth about an individual.

I am very passionate about utilizing multiple mediums and platforms to tell a story to its fullest potential. This has always been at the core of my work.